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2020/2021 r.

SZCZECIN - Bridge on the A6 motorway

Installation of casing pipes on dedicated brackets, using chemical anchors for concrete using existing infrastructure and a basket lift.

Alpinsky is a young team consisting of highly qualified rope access technicians. Our technicians have a variety of training and certificates recognized throughout the European Union and around the world. We are able to match employees to any type of order. Thanks to our knowledge and experience, we guarantee that the works will be performed in a reliable and safe manner. We provide services both at sea and on land.

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  • Zyndrama z Maszkowic 24
    71-024 Szczecin

  • EN: +48 575 111 390 Monika Więcław
    DE: +48 575 111 927 Karolina Hukało

  • office@alpinsky.pl

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